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Create intelligent terminals in professional fields, design them according to the needs of different industries, hit the design pain points accurately, and present a series of three-proof intelligent products with both scientific and technological aesthetics and functions.

Ingress Protection(IP) Ratings

Connectors may be susceptible to ingress of foreign materials such as moisture or dust, particularly in the unmated condition. Protection from this ingress is provided for connectors by their housing and the seal between the plug,jack,and cable or between a jack and a panel. The IP standard rating system defines the degree of protection provided. The standard IEC 60529 has specified the degree of protection and divided it into several levels, defined by the IP number, which has the letters IP by two digits. The first digit defines the protection against the ingress of dust particles, the second digit defines the protection against the ingress of water. The tables below show IP ratings for electrical connectors:

1 Digit



No Protection against contact and ingress of objects


Protected against any large surface of the body, such as the back of a hand. Protected against solid objects greater than 50mm in size.


Protected against access to hazardous parts by a finger or similar object. Protected against solid objects greater than 12.5mm in size.


Protected against access to hazardous parts with a tool or thick wire. Protected against solid objects greater than 2.5mm in size.


Protected against access to hazardous parts with a wire, screw,etc. Protected against solid objects greater than 1mm in size.


Protected against access to hazardous parts. Dust protected.


Protected against access to hazardous parts. Dust-tight.

2 Digit



No Protection


Protected against water drops


Protected against water drops at a 15 degree angle


Protected against water spray at 60 degree angle


Protected against water splashing from any angle


Protected against water jets from any angle


Protected against powerful water jets and heavy seas


Protected against the effects of temporary submersion in water. Test requires 30 minutes at 1 meter depth.


Protected against the effects of temporary submersion. Customer specification applies and specific testing may be required.


Protects against high pressures associated with steam cleaning.

General protection

General protection

Special protection

The level of protection is not that high.

Common process materials can be used in the process (e.g. IP54)

Hard Adhesive + Coating + Waterproof Ring
Hard Adhesive + Waterproof Ring
Hard Adhesive + Hard Adhesive + Ultrasound

High level of protection
High require
ments for process materials (generally IP67 or above)

Two-color Injection Molding + Waterproof Ring

1.Hard Adhesive+Waterproof Design

(low cost, poor anti-drop effect)

2.Hard plastic+Wrapped rubber
waterproof design

3. Two-color Injection Molding +
aterproof Design(Mould cost is
high, anti-drop effect is good)


The particularity of the industry and and the factors of various use environments should be fully taken into account.

A Positive pressure button waterproof structure. IP67

Protection Mode

Subject Protection

Two-color, Soft Adhesive, Waterproof Ring, Ultrasound

Screen or lens protection

Back Glue, Ultrasound, Membrane Injection Molding

Button protection

Waterproof Ring and Waterproof Wall Side Pressure and Positive Pressure

The sealing of buttons can also be divided into side pressure and positive pressure. The sealing structure is related to ID and the button types. Side pressure is generally "U" groove seal. The silicone gel of buttons grows out of the convex platform and is inserted into the "U" groove of shell A in order to achieve seal. The positive pressure seal is through Silicon (silica gel) skirt edge with a sealing line and A shell positive pressure to seal. Designers should pay attention to ensure the smoothness and uniform force of the mating surface. No ejector pin or diagonal pin shall be allowed at the matching surface of the die. Sealing line is as simple as possible, large rounded corner is excessive to ensure smooth contour.


This combination of buttons is applied to high-demand products. IP67 level can be achieved, and the volume is small, in the requirement of tiny product space,high water-proof are recommended to use this structural scheme.

C Sealing of side button, two-color forming

Silicone button waterproof, which means directly fix the silicone button with PCB board or bracket screw on the plastic top cover. When making this structure, the spacing of the screw column should be uniform. Because the plastic parts, Buttons and PCB board have large elastic deformation after being stressed, it is necessary to ensure the rigidity of the structure of plastic and circuit board as far as possible, so that the elastic change can be reflected on the keyboard as far as possible. The thickness of plastic wall should not be thin, the screw post should have reinforced bone, and the number of screw posts for fixing circuit boards should be enough. The material of PCB should be Bakelite board or rigid fiberboard. The thickness should be more than 1.6 mm. If necessary, a steel plate can be padded in the PCB and keyboard.

IP67 Testing

We have professional waterproof testing equipment, which can ensure that each factory terminal meets the design requirements of IP grade.

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